Title Search

An examination of public records, laws and court decisions to disclose the current facts regarding ownership of real estate.

We can offer a full Title search or Title Opinion.

Title Search will answer these questions:

  • Who is the current owner(s)? How and when did they come into ownership?
  • What is the property’s assessed value?
  • What encumbrances are on the property?
  • Are there liens?
  • Are there open mortgages?
  • Are there judgments against the current owner that might encumber the property?
  • Are the property taxes delinquent?

While it may be rare, some families come to a closing only to be devastated that their property has claims against it, claims established by previous owners and their creditors. The small cost of Title Insurance can completely alleviate this error. We strongly suggest that every client of ours who is buying property allow us to guarantee their title against any spots, such as undisclosed liens, confusion in the rights of ownership, and other clouds on the title.